Value Proposition


“Once you understand the problem, you are then in the best position to define a possible solution.” – Ash Maurya

Once you have some problems and customers segments defined (after something between 10 and 30 customers interviews, for example), it is time to start thinking about the product you’d like to build.

As a entrepreneur, at this point, you probably already have zillions of great ideas in your mind on how to solve customer’s problems.

Pick one problem you’d like to solve and interview more customers about this specific problem. It is extremely recommended that you start building a product for a problem that customers MUST HAVE a solution for it, in order to easily scale your business later on.

“A true unfair advantage is something that cannot be easily copied or bought.”
– Jason Cohen

Unique Value Proposition

After you find a strong problem that is worth solving AND that you have passion on solving it, define in one line your unique value proposition.

Steve Blank’s Udacity class 


“A value proposition is designed to convince a potential customer that your particular product or service will add more value or better solve a problem than your competition. It should answer the fundamental question of “Why should I buy your product instead of your competitor’s product?”

“A value proposition doesn’t have to be drawn out or complex, but it does need to be concise, specific and straight to the point. It needs to describe why your product is different and the tangible reasons why it will benefit your consumer.” – Chic-CEO

“A single, clear compelling message that states why you are different and worth buying.” – Steve Blank

“Your product needs to be different and that difference needs to matter.”


“A Value Proposition is much more than just a superficial market strategy, it is your validated Core hypothesis.” – Alline Watkins

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