Problem-Solution Fit

“Before investing months or years of effort towards building a product, the first step is determining if this product is something worth doing.” – Ash Maurya, Running Lean

Don’t start building any solution before making sure you achieved Problem-Solution Fit. We can say you achieved Problem-Solution Fit if you have:


“It’s very difficult to build a business around a “nice to have” product, so you should keep your burn low while you iterate your core experience to make it a “must have”.” – Sean Ellis

Why 12 customers minimim? Because to achieve Product-Market Fit we should have at least 40% of our customers (in a minimum universe of 30 customers) very disappointed if they no longer can use our product.

“Elaborate usability tests are a waste of resources. The best results come from testing no more than 5 users and running as many small tests as you can afford.” – Why You Only Need to Test with 5 UsersJakob Nielsen

If you don’t know in-person at least 30 personas in your business, how do you think you can scale this business to 100K people around the globe?

“For 1000 customers you need 100. For 100 customers you need 10. The moment you think you need 10 customers to start a business it becames manageable.” – Brant Cooper


Revenue Model

Before achieving Problem-Solution Fit, the ideal revenue model for early adopters is Referral.

You don’t need to ask money to your first early adopters, but you have to ask them to write testimonies and to convince at least one other customer to try your solution. If an early adopter is not excited enough to accept the referral chalenge, he or she can’t be considered an early adopter.


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