Experiment Examples


Real Time Performance Meter for Tennis Players 

The video above shows an experiment to test people’s interest on a device to be applied to a tennis raquet to test the performance and efficience of the player’s movements. All material used by the experiment to test their hypothesis was a normal raquet with a rubber piece on it and a walktalk machine to make random noises. With this experiment the startup team was able to collect a lot of important information on which exactly types of tennis players will like the product and how and which ones will not use the product and why.


Real Time Feedback Collector for Events 

This next example tests how people will prefer to provide feedback on events. The experiment uses simple sticky notes to collect real time feedback from attendees on a small event. People were asked to write their feedback on a paper and after they were asked to tell the feedback out loud.
Cheap and easy experiment using sticky notes
to test people’s opinions while giving feedback
on an event.

The first hypothesis tests if people will like
to provide feedback on a paper rather then

The second hypothesis tests if people will
use a mobile app to provide feedback
on an event.
The experiment above only started the process to validate the hipotheses. It needs different tests for a complete validation. But it was already very impressive the amount of learnings we’ve got with such a cheap test.

Hip or Square? 

HipVideo has a vision to add more entertainment to the video watching activity. They want to build a platform to add a layer of activities while you are watching movies online.

Instead of building the whole website for the application, they started with a very smart and cheap experiment using pre-existing tools like a blog and a facebook page. Their learnings are already saving a lot of their money and time.


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