An App for Events

We started with the Vision to improve real time feedback for presenters on events.

Interviewing – 1st Loop:

We interviewed amateur presenters and their main pains are how to organize their time and enhance their own performance. Then we interviewed professional presenters and their focus is to reach influencers that can hire them for more presentations. Feedback from attendees doesn’t have a strong presence on top of presenters’ minds.

Interviewing – 2nd Loop:

We started interviewing event organizers and found that their main problems are how to get more attendees for their events and how to get more sponsors to fund their events.  Again, feedback from attendees doesn’t have a strong presence on top of event organizers’ minds.

Interviewing – 3rd Loop:

We interviewed event attendees and found that they somewhat care about the quality of the events they attend.

We decide to investigate more on a specific solution that will increase the ammount of attendees in an event. Maybe an app for feedback can be the solution. Next step will be to experiment it.


Experimenting – 1st Loop:   

Our first experiment was to use sticky notes to collect people’s opinions while giving feedback on an event.


We learned that people are ok to provide feedback, as soon as they can see the feedback will be listened and useful.

For the event organizer, the feedback, even on a cheap sticky note, was very helpful and enlightening.


Experimenting – 2nd Loop:

We decided to do a test with real time feedback collection on events using a web app for feedback called PollEverywhere.

We provided a QR code to access the questionaire and we used the simplest format as possible with a single question: “What should we improve?”.

Most attendees scanned the QR code with no problem but basically no one responded the question.

We asked the attendees to explain us the reasons they didn’t respond to the question and the answer was they don’t have any improvements to suggest at that point at the middle of the event.



Sketching – 1st Loop:

We sketched a feature to connect with other attendees when inside an event.

The pictures below show the sketching before and after the customer gave us the feedback.



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