A Fashion Company

Our team started with an idea to offer professional advise about fashion and style to common people while they are shopping for clothes. We started defining our customer as a “Clothing Shopper”. We defined that we were going to target initially only woman, between 20 and 40. We will target people shopping for clothes by themselves, because they won’t have anybody to ask for advice while shopping and not necessarily they trust the sales person’s opinion.

30 minutes after our first round of interviews, we understood that customers have all different kinds of problems, behaviors and opinions, and the data we were collecting got very confusing pretty quickly. But at the same time, we could clearly identify some sort of patterns going on. When we asked our customers what their main problem are while shopping for clothes, surprisingly,  a significant amount of people said “It is hard to find clothes that fit right on me”. Another pattern we identified was “I don’t have time to keep shopping for clothes.” , what is kind of related to the “Fit” problem. So, we decided to do our first pivot to this specific problem and went back to the interview process to learn more about it.

We learned that, in general, men have a higher level of pain around this problem. For some reason, women are more patient while shopping and men are more practical, men don’t want to keep trying different clothes and visiting different brands. We now could define our customer better as a fashionable man, between 30 and 40, that shops on-line for his own clothes (not the significant other) and has a non-standard larger body size.

Early adopters are now much easier to be identified, we found they normally go to the same kind of gym, the same kind of bars, we found out where their “tribe” hangs out.

Check Case Study 2 at ValidationBoard.com:


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