Customer-Problem Fit

“One vision at a time.” – Alline Watkins

If you have too many ideas in your mind, with a lot of very good potential customers to serve, a vast set of different solutions, your first job is to get rid of them. If you are struggling deciding what customer you want to talk, or which problem you want to solve, you can’t start up.

“One of the biggest entrepreneur traps is to be all things to all people. Big companies get big by being a few things to a large number of groups of people.” – The Lean Entrepreneur, Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits

Arbritary choose one customer segment and one target problem to start working with. No need to be precise in your first decision because you still can save money and change everything later in the experimentation phase. Every hypotheses will be extremely tested and validated before you actually build them.


Brant Cooper’s Lean Entrepreneur Workshop

Have your Segment Matrix Template HERE! (Make a copy for you)


Have your segments defined in columns and start invalidating them. The less options you have the better. You have to end up with only one.


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