The name of your solution is as important as the content of your solution.

After validating there are customers out there that care about your solution and are paying for it, you can ask them what name do they thing will fit it better.

It is recommended to use the words they are already talking on the interviews and on the experiments. Words that are already on their minds when you talk about your solution.

Follow below the questions suggested when interviewing your customer about a specific brand you want to use.

“Customers don’t trust sales pitches. Today’s buyer is instead turning to peer-to-peer referrals, brand connoisseurs, and industry leaders when considering various product offerings.” – The Changing Landscape of B2B Marketing

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Ambassador’s e-Book: Reengaging Your Brand Ambassador 


Steve Blank’s Udacity class


How To Find a Focused Brand in a 5 Minute Client Conversation


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