About this Framework

“The process of entrepreneurship needs a common framework
of documentation and story-telling” – Trevor Owens, Lean Startup Machine

A Lean Startup spends less effort to build more profitable business. You can say your startup is Lean if you can answer the questions below:


If you agree the questions above are some of the most important ones to be answered in your business, so LeanSteps is a program for you. The amount of time and effort to answer these questions can take several months. LeanSteps will help you answer these and many other very important questions in the most productive way.

LeanSteps is a framework
will help you build your Minimum Viable Product
on a cheap and fast way.
to participate!

“Lean concepts are exciting but it’s hard to know what to actually do.”
“The framework took me out of my coding spell and into the world of customer/market fit. My mind completely shifted from ‘what I think I should code, to what do people really need?’ mentality, because of the workshop. The creative exercise examples we did during the workshop were very enlightening as far as how cheap, fast and simply an assumption could be validated.” – Cecilia Abadie, LeanSteps Alumni


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