About Customer Development

Customer Development is the opposite of conventional “product development”, or the belief that “If we build it, they will come.” The underlying idea of Lean Startups is to validate that there is a market where people are willing to pay for products that resolve real problems. The emphasis is on learning and discovery, find what people really want and avoid wasting considerable time and money on implementing an unsustainable product.

“Unless some of you have been working in a specific domain for the last 20 years or so, the odds are that anything you’re thinking about customers and markets are nothing more than a guess.” – The Customer Development Process, Steve Blank’s video 


“Some of the most important business lessons are learned in the most unlikely ways.”

“No business model survives first contact with customers.”

“Customer Development is like dancing, you only learn when you practice it.” – CustDevDay Alumni


Get Out Of The Building

Go where 
your customers are and 
talk to them 

“You need to watch people’s pupils dilate when they actually see and like your product.” – Talk to Customers video – Steve Blank Udacity class


Steve Blank’s post: http://steveblank.com/2009/10/08/get-out-of-my-building/

“World class entrepreneurs are never lucky. You raise your odds substancially by getting out of the building, you are there more often. You do more over time, consintently and that adds up in a carreer. You will start making your own lucky and you will find that stuff will start coming in your way.” – Steve Blank’s quote (adapted)

“Don’t ever think that luck happens to other people, unsdertand the distinction between standing there waiting for directions versus making your own direction by make it happen.” – Steve Blank


“Invalidate my assumptions.”  – Lean Startup Machine


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