Customers don’t care about your idea. Start a business developing a solution has proven to be disadvantageous.

 “Only 1 out of 10
new product introduction
results in a
PROFITABLE business.”

– Steve Blank


“Most startups fail not because they lack of product, but because they lack of customers.” – Steve Blank



“You are Not a Visionnaire. If you have the word visionnaire in you facebook description and you are not a Billionaire, please remove it.” – Brant Cooper

“Most startups fail, not because they fail to build what they set out to build, but because they waste time, money, and effort building the wrong product.” – Ash Maurya

“If we will be honest when we are talking about startups we will be talking about failure. (…) Failure is not the problem, the problem is going ‘all in’ on the failure.” – Eric Ries


Most companies start building products and run out of resources before finding customers. Customer Development is teaching us how to start a product with the customer segment and their problems and based on your vision, but not with a solution anymore. It is cheaper and easier.


“When I was in the moment of creating a new idea I started building it as I had it in my mind or as the team imagined it, then we tested it with friends or family, very wrong! We released the app but never got close to real customers.” – CustDevDay Alumni

“After 11 months developing a software without talking to anybody, I decided to show it to my closest friends and ask them to use it. Guess what? Nobody wanted.”- Alline Watkins

“We now know that something between 85 and 90 percent of most software product features are unwanted and unneeded by customers. That is an enourmous ammount of waste of time and money that ends up on the floor.” – Steve Blank.



What if you could find paying customers for your product
even before building it?


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